ARAN World new LOGO: for Brand clarity and awareness. – Aran Cucine

ARAN World new LOGO: for Brand clarity and awareness.

Pubblicato il 6 March 2018

Designed by the agency Adriani & Rossi, the logo removed its old dress represented by the black square, which is certainly not consistent with the renewal process of our company.
We have chosen the symbol which best represents our brand values and, at the same time, the creative energy that has always been a feature of Aran world: the icosahedron.
It’s a clear and simple polygon, known since the Ancient Greeks that represents the creative energy necessary to evolve and keep up with the times.
Next to the charcoal grey of the text we decided to keep the light grey which defined the old logo in a spirit of continuity with the past.
With this development we also aim to make the company and its divisions more clearly identifiable, together as part of a single, great and solid reality.

Because after all, as Sergio Bambarén says in his book “Letters to Daniel“:  “Only those who dare to go a little further discover how far they can go”.

Always attentive to the quality of our products and to the environmental impacts of our manufacturing