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Enter Aran World, discover our values, our company vision, expression which we find in our products.

Company Concept

The kitchen is the most important place in the house, crossroads of meetings and interactions, theater of anecdotes and pleasant memories, confluence of spirit and matter. The centre of the house might be cozy, alive, functional and pleasant at sight. This is what motivates us to create innovative and elegant solutions matching with your needs.

Mission-VisionAran Cucine -


Every day we build kitchens interpretating familly dreams and needs of the whole world, while protecting the environment.
Talent, passion and authenticity make us ambassadors of Italian lifestyle where design and tradition are the perfect synthesis of a unique culture.

We dream that ARAN kitchen might bring moments of happiness in world homes, giving experience of conviviality in an ambience close to your needs and even more beautiful.

Brand valuesAran Cucine -

Brand values

– Family
Sharing and the sense of belonging are our polar stars
– Emphaty
We like to identify ourselves with our customers and their wishes.
-Honesty, transparency and authenticity
For us it is essential to build strong relationships based on reliability and respect
– Sustainability
We are aware of the great responsibility we have in the social, ecological and economic. Reason why we pay attention to present for a sustainable future.
– Creative energy
Constant and continuous innovation, the result of careful research and development.

Always attentive to the quality of our products and to the environmental impacts of our manufacturing