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Renewable Energies

Environmental protection

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Clean energy production

Our production policy has always paid special attention to the protection and respect of the environment. For this reason Aran World has made the cover of most of the production area with photovoltaic panels which produce solar energy; the aim is to be self-sufficient from the energy point of view by reducing the use of fossil energy. They were created four installations of electrical energy production from photovoltaic conversion.


We thought the easiest and total recyclability of our products, designing them in a such a way that all the elements that compose them are easily separable at the time of their disposal. Recover waste means enhancing its materials in order to use them in new production processes or exploit them for energy. An internal policy of differentiation allowed us to recover 90% of the waste products.

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Aran World operates in compliance with REACH, the regulation for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals. The Regulation places greater responsibility on the management of risks associated with the use of chemicals. The goal is to enhance worker safety, safeguard their health and have greater respect for environment.

Quality control

Aran World has always been attentive to the quality of products supplied to the consumer, shall adopt a series of measures with the aim of ensuring the features of their product. In order to verify the performance characteristics of the products / materials, specific laboratory tests are run. Checks are internally performed, by its equipped laboratory, while tests are carried out externally, by respected leading structures.

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Always attentive to the quality of our products and to the environmental impacts of our manufacturing