Davide Oldani

Davide Oldani, one of the 50 chefs ambassadors of Italian cuisinen in the world, creator of pop cuisine – high quality and accessibility – opened in 2003 his restaurant, D’O, in Cornaredo, in the province of Milan, his home country. The experiences before the opening of the D’O, had seen him alongside Gualtiero Marchesi, Albert Roux, Alain Ducasse, Pierre Hermé. After a year of activity, the most authoritative gastronomic guides count him among the great chefs of Italian cuisine. In 2021 the Michelin Guide awards the second Michelin star and the green star, to reward the value of sustainability. His activity as a designer, born from the daily observation of the guest, reflects that of a cook: tables, chairs, plates, cutlery and glasses are inspired by POP: simple, functional, elegant. As well as his project for ARAN Cucine CUCINAnD’O.


by Davide Oldani

CUCINAnD’O melts two keywords: cucina – kitchen and D’O, a famous restaurant in Cornaredo, in the province of Milan. And, suddenly, the mind retraces the image of a well-known italian face: the one of the chef Davide Oldani, who has achieved in the D’O experience one of its most meaningful milestones.

Hence the CUCINAnD’O project begins. The kitchen thought by Davide Oldani and designed in collaboration with Attila Veress well represents his philosophy of pop cuisine: quality and sustainability are the underpinnings of the domestic architecture created by the Milan-born chef for ARAN Cucine as a new entry at EuroCucina 2022.

The minimal design of the central island block underlines the attention to the intelligent consumption, that Oldani himself promotesthrough an idea of waste-free cuisine, based on a simple principle: to avoid the excesses, it is necessary not to produce them.

The definition and distribution of all the CUCINAnD’O spaces mirror the values of a sustainable kitchen, capable of involving and awakening those who personally live these spaces.
The eliminate excess philosophy is reflected into the most operational part, with the induction hobs and the composition of black aluminium shelves integrated into a stainless-steel worktop, but also in the pocket doors that expand all along the kitchen wall, as mark of extreme essentiality.

The formal balance and elegance of this structure, grey matt lacquered, allows to take advantage of the convivial space: internally, thanks to an organized division in compartments with pullout shelves and fully integrated drawers and appliances, the conservation of raw materials and the preparation of the dishes are made easier by the possibility to have all the necessary on hand.

The balance of contrasts, the other tenet on which is based the Oldani’s cuisine, returns under a new guise in CUCINAnD’O: the use and the alternation of natural and artificial materials is fundamental to always find new ideas, not to surrender to the routine. The stainless-steel worktop naturally continues in the round snack side in elm wood at the same level.

Creating timeless and tantalizing culinary experiences is possible with CUCINAnD’O. The composition in brushed elm reminds us of this: slightly raised from the floor, with its shelves and contenitive spaces, it is ideal to contain cookbooks and kitchen volumes to inspire all the creativity necessary to make quality dishes.

At the heart of the entire CUCINAnD’O project there is sustainability, reconfirmed by the partnership of ARAN Cucine and Milesi, one of the largest manufacturers of wood coatings realized with sustainable processes.

This new collaboration for the Milan Design Week 2022 starts from the research that ARAN Cucine and Milesi carry on to propose green solutions, exploring the trials of eco-friendly and sustainable materials, that within CUCINAnD’O meet in an important space of the domestic dimension.

The new Davide Oldani configuration will be officially presented as a EuroCucina 2022 new entry: for the occasion, on Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 11 a.m. at the ARAN Cucine stand (Pad. 11, Stand C15 – D26) there will be a show cooking with the chef himself.

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