FARO & QUADRO – Simplicity and sophistication

Over the last few years, it seems we are more and more oriented towards the reuse of abandoned and disused buildings. Old commercial and industrial districts are today dense centers of life in modern cities; old warehouses and workshops are converted into loft apartments, modern housing solutions. Our two collections Faro and Quadro are designed to furnish open-space environments where kitchen and living-room coexist, sharing the same materials, finishes, shapes and volumes. As our R&D Department says: "We have designed unique environments, both aesthetically and functionally, which combine living and kitchen to have everything you need at your fingertips.” Faro and Quadro offer a huge range of cabinets to create unique kitchen projects with no limitations in design. The selection of new finishes such as cement, available in three tone shades, light, dust and anthracite, or wood colors in tranche finish, make the real difference in design because perfectly  suits with the various architectural styles of the buildings and material colors. Thanks to the huge range of counter-tops available in any shape or size and the different door openings (handle or c-channel), make Faro and Quadro look beyond short-term market trends. Le Corbusier quote: “Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light”, and with Faro and Quadro we share the architect thought. For further information visit Faro and Quadro or click here.