OASI - A kitchen under the branches

Starting from the classic layout of the free-standing kitchen island, OASI, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, defines a simple single dining table-cooking block that houses all the essential elements of a traditional living space like the typical Italian kitchen.

The square-shaped free-standing block that results from this is thus developed as a well-expressed multi-functional technological device able to support all the phases of the food cycle - storage, washing, preparation, cooking, serving, consumption and recycling - according to a process that interprets the key principle of circularity.

The presence of the tree is at the same time a spatial, mnemonic and symbolic reference around which familiar and convivial relationships can gather: an increasingly complex and variable network, able to change according to the multiple life stories of those who take part.

The tree, the table and the cooking top can be perceived as a single catalytic element around which to remember or imagine stories, anecdotes, shared memories or culinary secrets.