The primary key characteristics that qualify the Bijou project are the glass and a high-tech material such as the resistance to heat, scratches, bumps thin porcelain sheet; this kind of sheet leaves its properties and its beauty intact over time.


We’re talking about a product innovation in sustainable energy technologies that is respectful of the entire ecosystem and does not release any substance in the environment and can be easily recycled in other production cycles.


A huge selection of finishes, decoratives and high quality materials to provide you unlimited combination possibilities and to assure you the maximum customization.

Bijou glass glossy
Bijou glass matt
Bijou Grès
Bijou Straty

Every day we create innovative and elegant solutions to meet the needs of all the members of the family and to make kitchen the most important place at home, crossing path of interactions, stage of memories.

Zona Industriale – Casoli
64032 Atri (TE)

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