Who we are

100% Made in Italy

The company is now a solid and well-known reality. Attention to design, constant research on the quality of materials, study, comparison, always accepting the challenge, reliability and functionality are all included in each project and this makes each product an innovative result that combines the tradition of Made in Italy with technology.

A fascinating story

The creation and development of the ARAN Cucine brand is really fascinating. The protagonist Renzo Rastelli is a self-made man. He started taking care of kitchens when he was 20 years old and everybody knew him as a footballer. Rastelli founded Newform Cucine and his vocation was from the beginning to conquer the foreign market. His career progression was extremely fast: in the early 2000s Rastelli took a leading role in the ARAN Cucine business and the success came from the brilliant idea of the flatpack which makes it possible to load in one single container more than 40 kitchens. Right from the beginning, whilst mantaining the production department in the area of Zona Industriale di Atri, in Abruzzi, the attitude was global.

The excellence of italian Know-How

High-quality craftsmanship school, avant-garde technology and innovative design are the symbol of a tradition that has always belonged to our land. Italian know-how is a precious talent, an inheritance, that we cultivate everyday with extreme passion. For us, designing a kitchen is not just manufacturing furniture but creating a space where people can experience unique motions with their family and friends.

Our strength is human value

The set of values of ARAN Cucine brand is solid, well structured and recognisable. Attention o the real needs of families from all over the world, first of all. A strong inclination toward empathy to identify with customers and their needs through a varied, attractive and colourful offer. Company vision consist in dreaming that ARAN kitchen might bring moments of happiness in world homes, giving experience of conviviality in an ambience close to your needs and even more beautiful.

Every day we create innovative and elegant solutions to meet the needs of all the members of the family and to make kitchen the most important place at home, crossing path of interactions, stage of memories.

Zona Industriale – Casoli
64032 Atri (TE)

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