Makio Hasuike

The figure of Makio Hasuike stands out in contemporary design. His work is far from being considered a mere auto-celebrating mannerism expression and instead search for innovation through the ability to look beyond and ahead leading to answers to current and future desires. Graduating from the “University of Arts of Tokyo” in 1962 Makio Hasuike begIn his career in Japan. He works one year as a designer for Seiko, designing 20 different clocks for the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 1964. Since 1963 he establishes himself in Italy working in different fields of design. In 1968 he founded his own studio in Milan, Makio Hasuike & Co. Member of the founding committee of the Master in Strategic Design at the Polytechnic of Milan, has been often invited to be part of the jury of international design competitions. Several design projects have obtained prestigious prizes and awards and continue to be the subject of permanent exhibitions and displays in various museums around the world including the MoMA in New York and the Triennale in Milan.


Where the art of cooking takes place

Makio Hasuike, who received the Compasso d’Oro Career Award, co-operated with ARAN Cucine’s R&D team in designing Sipario. This model has now become the “ideal” of order and rationality among the various proposals offered by the company.

At first glance, in fact, the kitchen succeeds in conveying the essence of Japanese design thanks to its harmonious, orderly and essential image. Therefore, focusing on a rational space in which all elements are perfectly balanced with each other, Sipario develops in always linear, minimal, functional configurations.

It is the combination of units and finishes different from each other to allow a high degree of customization, up to a possible bond between classical and contemporary style. The version with light Canaletto walnut doors and wall cabinets in steel and crystal is one such example. The traditional wooden suit dress up the extremely essential units: on the one hand, the hanging base units are very peculiar, on the other, the more classical tall units are large and roomy, and can be equipped with internal shelves and household appliances.

The wall cabinets include glass shelving units and a large module that comes with a single steel door: thanks to the many support brackets and to the lightness of the material, you can activate the mechanism with a simple touch making the opening and closing processes easier.

The Totems are also interesting: freestanding modular elements, configurable according to your needs, supported by a metal structure in testa di moro finish (the same finish chosen for the toekicks, the c- channels and the base unit legs);

here too, the storage compartment plays on the combination of wood and crystal, in balance between different densities and materials.

Even in its most classical kitchen layout, due to the choice and combination of materials.

Sipario does not lose its own oriental allure, and keep telling an ideal of order and perfect harmony, even in more contemporary homes.

Every day we create innovative and elegant solutions to meet the needs of all the members of the family and to make kitchen the most important place at home, crossing path of interactions, stage of memories.

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